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Discover trusted riders going the same way you are.

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How does Ridewith work? It's super easy!

Illustration of a person using the Ridewith app to find nearby ride-sharing options

Find a co-rider in your community

See who's going where around you, and post your intention to ride so others can find and join you. Post your ride ahead of time, so you're more likely to find a good match.

Coordinate with co-riders

Once you found a potentially good match (which means someone who's going on a route mostly similar to yours), you can chat with your fellow co-riders and finalize a decision on when you want to leave and who is coming along.

Illustration of a carpooling group of people happily sharing a ride using the Ridewith app
Illustration of the Ridewith app's user-friendly interface for searching and booking rides

Take a ride

Once everyone is in sync about when to go, Ridewith will help you by telling you the optimal route to take for the lowest overall cost, and how to split the fare in a fair way. After the ride you can rate your experience with your fellow co-rider(s).

Used by MILLIONS of satisfied riders (not yet, but eventually)

Here are some fake testimonials that we believe will end up becoming true.

Profile picture of a smiling user of the Ridewith app

A fake student


Wow... I was heading to the city but didn't want to drive, so I used Ridewith to find that my neighbor was headed there as well! Saved a lot of money and it was fun!

Profile picture of a happy Ridewith app user with a bicycle

A fake airport goer


"I knew I was going to the airport next week so I posted a ride, and by the next day I found someone nearby also headed there. Why didn't this exist before??"

Profile picture of a Ridewith app user with a friendly demeanor

A fake commuter


"I ended up finding my commute buddy on Ridewith, and now we go everyday together to Redwood City from Los Gatos. Thank you!"


If we did not answer your question here, feel free to email us: support@ridewith.app

So do you actually get a ride for me?

No, Ridewith is focused on helping you discover fellow co-riders. Once you found a good match, one of you will get the rideshare service of your choosing and Ridewith will let everyone know how much to pay.

How do I trust the co-riders on this app?

In order to be allowed to connect with each other, all co-riders are required to do an ID check, where we verify their driver's license with a selfie, to make sure everyone is who they say they are. You can also enhance your trust by adding your work or school email, COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination, and more! As always, do your own research (by asking questions on chat perhaps) and take your own precautionary measures before riding with anyone else.

Is the app free?

For a limited time, yes! Our business model is to eventually be a subscription service, but all our early adopters will be lifetime members, so sign up today!

This is so exciting! When is Ridewith coming out?

Ridewith is now available on iOS. Click the App Store link above to download it! (Android, Web apps being worked on!)

Where will Ridewith work?

Currently Ridewith is only for California residents. Ridewith will eventually roll out to most major cities. But initially we may not have the ability to estimate the prices in your city. If you see that's the case, email us at cities@ridewith.app and request that we expand price estimates to your city!